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Sunday, February 7, 2016

What Happened to Commander Hate?

Some of you may know that this website basically vanished around 2010. The main cause of this was that I had moved to China and was working at Ubisoft. Since I let the domain lapse during that time period, something horrible happened.

Some shit-stained scumbag domain squatter grabbed because it had a decent amount of traffic. Of course, no one else ever wanted it, and I am not the type of person to cave and try to rebuy my own domain back from some fuckwad domain squatter (who probably resides in the 10th circle of Hell below traitors, if you believe in that stuff). So I waited.

I waited patiently, for years…

And now I have returned, ready to continue with honest unpaid reviews of video games and thoughts about the game industry, unbound from corporate interests or outside influence. Are you ready?

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The rumors and my truths!

I start work tomorrow and as I get into the swing of things I’ll return to game related posts, but for now I hope you find my Shanghai observations entertaining. =)

So, obviously, I made it to Shanghai. It wasn’t easy… I had a flight delay cause me to miss the connector to Beijing so I was stuck in San Fran for a day, but I was fortunate enough to have a very very kind friend let me stay with her for a night. Thank you Super Power Up! =D

So, I wanted to go into some of the stuff I was told would happen to me when I got to Shanghai, and what has actually happened to me so far.

1. You will be pickpocketed.

I have yet to be pickpocketed or even have someone attempt it. I’m being safe and keeping everything important on inside jacket pockets, but having walked around the busy streets on a Sunday, I haven’t even seen someone who looks like they would want to.

2. The taxi drivers will either drive you to a remote location where you will be mugged, or they will overcharge you.

Nope, after exiting the airport there’s a clear designated Taxi line where legitimate licensed taxis will pick you up. The guy used a meter and did not attempt to overcharge me, so I gave him the change as tip which he was very grateful for. No one even attempted to coax me into a shady taxi or anything like that.

3. Women will accost you cause you’re white and try to sleep with you to get you to give them a better life.

Nope, not yet anyways. I just don’t see that happening though. I think that’s primarily an “english teacher” thing, or a predatory white guy thing.

4. The tap water will kill you and is full of bacteria.

Yeah, it’s pretty bad. It smells like river water or something. I’m definitely not going to drink it and I try to keep it out of my mouth and eyes when I shower, but I think it’s chlorinated to say the least, so bacteria likely isn’t the problem. I’m told there are heavy metals in it though.

5. Everyone is rude.

This one is no more true for Shanghai than it is for New York. Some people can be rude, but the majority of people I’ve talked to have been at least decent, if not incredibly nice to me. Of course, the majority of people I talk to are providing me a service so they kind of have to be nice, right? =P

6. Everyone is short.

No, there are some tall Chinese here. Some are taller than me. I’d say on average they’re a little shorter than Americans, but not by much.

I think that’s about it as far as stuff I was told about Shanghai.

While I’ve only been here for less than 24 hours, I have noticed some interesting stuff. Like the traffic lights seem to cover every situation. There are U-Turn lights and Bike Lights. Many of them have countdown timers to let you know when you’re about to be screwed or when you’re about to get a green light. Traffic is a little crazy as people sort of wander around the lanes. It’s not as bad as I was lead to believe and I think I could probably drive here if I were so inclined.

The city seems to be divided into themed areas. For instance, when I walked down one street from the hotel, there was a lot of clothing and mall type stores that sold watches and bags and other stuff I don’t care about. When I walked down a different street it was primarily food. A third street seemed to be homes. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or just happened to get layed out that way, but it’s interesting.

The police are not as threatening as I thought they would be. Their primary purpose seems to be to warn people when they’re about to do something really stupid. Like today I was waiting to cross the street and someone decided they were just going to wander into the oncoming traffic. The cop blew their whistle and got them to get back out of the way of death’s headlights. Another interesting thing about police here is that they seem to have their own show. I think it’s a gameshow where the cops demonstrate good cop qualities and win prizes or something. I wish I could understand what they were saying because it seems fascinating. It’ a little awkward to watch because the two hosts are extremely upbeat and happy, but the audience (which seems to consist entirely of police are VERY somber.

There are random points on the highways where your photo will be taken. I don’t know why or what is done with them, but you’ll see periodic bulb flashes while you’re on any of the major highways if you drive down them long enough. There’s a predominance of cameras in the shopping districts, but I guess that’s just part of security.

Some tips if you’re planning on coming to Shanghai from America.
1. Keep your boarding pass with your passport and DO NOT LOSE THEM. When you get to Beijing they will be checked four times before you can get on the plane to Shanghai. FOUR TIMES!

2. If you’re traveling around this time of year, dress for VERY cold weather. It was 0 degrees Celsius when I exited the plane in Beijing, and they make you wait on the tarmac for a bus. I was lucky I had my jeans on and a warm jacket, otherwise I would probably have gotten hypothermia. Keep gloves in the jacket of your pocket along with a scarf, just in case.

3. If you have electronics you want to bring with you, check the plug. If one of the prongs is slightly wider than the other, you might as well throw it away. There isn’t a converter that I can find that will work with it. If it’s the three pronged type (grounded) or has two prongs of the same exact size, bring it. There are power converters for it that you can get at Best Buy or Gome.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Shanghai Bound

I am headed off to Shanghai, China. My flight leaves Thursday and all my paperwork is in order. Pending some disaster, my next post will be from there (unless they censor it). =D

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Busy busy busy… More ebay!

I’m still preparing for my trip to China so there’s little time to post… But hey, check out more of my ebay auctions!

A WW2 knife.

Oddworld Inhabitants memorabilia.
A lot of Magic the Gathering Cards.
Knights of the Dinner Table comic collection.
Sega Dreamcast with games!
Nintendo Gamecube.
TiVo Series 2 Dual Tuner.
A Toyota Prius… Yes, my car!

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Selling My Geeky Stuff

In order to scrape some cash together to make ends meet and hopefully not get another foreclosure on my records, I have opened up my store of incredibly geeky stuff for sale on e-bay. I’ll be putting up many items for the next week or two and if you know of any websites that might be interested, please spread the auction love in their direction.

Almost all the items start at $0.99 and most of them will have 10% of any profit go to Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play charity.

Battlestar Galactica Episode 1, “33” signed by cast.
Transformer’s Jetfire.
Robotech Masterpiece VF-1J.
The Crow – Brandon Lee Trading Card.
Dragonstorm Figurine.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear MMORPG Makers
I Am Sick of Fucking Grinding XP

Dear MMORPG Developers,

I have played many of your games. I grinded to level 60 in Everquest just before they raised the cap. Then I quit because I’d rather gouge out my own eyes than continue grinding xp in a game that takes it away when you die. Then I hit 50 in Dark Age of Camelot, and that was quite a feat. I got to 30 in City of Heroes and 30 in Age of Conan. I also hit 70 in World of Warcraft (60 with two other characters).

So then I picked up Warhammer Online, and I started grinding xp and questing. I think I got up to level 6 or 7 when I just got inexplicably pissed off. Now let me be clear. Nothing at all bad had happened on my screen. It was simply that I turned in a quest and my experience bar increased a bit. THAT is what set me off. That fucking experience bar. It’s followed me in every MMORPG I have ever played, and I fucking hate it.

I am so glad that Blizzard showed everyone that you don’t have to horribly punish everyone when they die by fucking with their hard earned experience, but when is a MMORPG going to show us that you don’t have to sit there for 4 hours a day for 2 months grinding and questing fucking experience points out of brain dead monsters in order to compete at the end level game in PVP? Look Mythic (the Warhmmer online creators btw), I understand that RVR (realm versus realm) is the big deal of your game. But no one wants to compete in RVR until they’ve achieved a level where they can effectively compete. So I say, cut the grinding right the fuck out of your MMORPG and concentrate on your strength.

We’ve done questing! We’ve grinded xp by killing shitty mobs in one area for hours at a time until we level and need to find a new place to grind out xp. It’s stupid! And while I can appreciate earning xp for killing other players, the sad truth is that if you aren’t already max level, you’re not going to effectively do shit out there on the battlefield except cycle die and fuck the game up for your team mates who all had the good sense to level to max before going to bat for your side.

Recently Wrath of the Lich King came out, and I must admit, they’ve got questing down. Leveling from 55 to 58 doing the Death Knight quests was hella fun. It was a new experience and thoroughly enjoyable. They make you feel epic. I want to feel epic! But now I’ve burned through that content and I’m back to Burning Crusade content. Content I’ve already done. I don’t want to do it again, but here I am grinding experience points out of stupid collection and kill quests that I fucking hate. Every level is like a slow death for me, and each one seems to take FOREVER. But I can’t pvp in the battlegrounds yet because I’d be a burden to the team and very few people play in the BGs for the lower levels (other than 19) and those that do have RIDICULOUS equipment that they’ve min/maxxed for months so that they’re nigh-unbeatable.

My point is, unless you are doing custom amazing content that has never been done before in an MMORPG to get you from level 1 to whatever the cap is, don’t fucking do it. Let me get to whatever level I need to in order to compete and have fun. If I have to spend more than 10 minutes killing random mobs to get xp, you have failed to entertain me. This is supposed to be a fun game, not my second fucking job.

So get over yourselves. You are not special or unique. Every fucking MMORPG out there has done kill quests and collection quests. They were fun once, in the first MMO we played, but only the first 2-3 times we did them. Then they sucked and they always will suck. Grinding xp is not new in a MMORPG and if you want to separate yourself from the rest of the pack, don’t put it in your fucking game. Find something new and different, because I am not going to fucking grind out another 40-80 levels in a god damn MMORPG ever again.

With Love,
-Commander Hate

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Election is Over

The U.S.A. now has a black president for the first time ever in its history. This is truly a historic day. Unfortunately, it is also a historic day because in California, a proposition to ban gay marriage passed.

It saddens me to know that so many people out there have forgotten what the Jim Crow laws were all about.

As a reminder, between the 1870s and 1960s there were a set of laws that basically separated whites from other races. In 1880 a California statute passed that disallowed white and black marriages (as well as mullato and mongolian). In 1931 a California statute was passed that prohibited white and asian marriages. These laws were sickeningly racist, and almost anyone from the current day would look back at them with shame.

Yet somehow, people think it’s still okay to discriminate. This time against gay people. In our Declaration of Independance, Thomas Jefferson declared that “all men are created equal.” Though he was opposing the idea of the right of Kings to rule their subjects, we know now that he was right on many levels. We are all just human beings, regardless of our race or sexual orientation, we all deserve equal treatment under our laws.

That includes the right for gay people to get married and have the same rights as any heterosexual couple.

I can only hope that the court will overturn this proposition which could amend California’s constitution and further erode human rights. No human being deserves to be treated this way.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

The Politics of Lies
Why Republicans Repeat the Same Ones over and over and over…

So it’s been about the third or fourth time I’ve heard the republican candidates say that Barack Obama is going to raise taxes on people making 32,000 a year. This is a blatant and bald-faced lie. He has no intention of raising taxes for anyone making under 250,000 a year. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. That would be John McCain and Sarah Palin.

First let me just say that if you are not a regular reader of, you need to become one. Factcheck has done an incredible job of exposing lies and manipulations by both candidates. It does not lean either way, but as you read through the various manipulations of both campaigns, you’ll come to realize that the biggest liar this year is clearly John McCain. However, that’s expected political posturing, right?

Well what sickens me the most about McCain’s campaign lies, is that despite being refuted to his fucking face, he CONTINUES to repeat them as though they were true. Even more irritating is that by repeating them, people become brainwashed into believing them. Are the American people really so stupid that they’ll believe someone just because they say the same thing over and over again? Well, given that there are still complete idiots out there who think that Iraq had something to do with the September 11th attacks and that there are even bigger fuck-tards who think that Barack Obama is a muslim (he’s Christian btw), I would say that yes; there are complete morons out there (who vote, sadly) who will believe these two lying fuck faced asses just because they repeat their lies over and over.

Yeah, this shit makes me angry. Both sides seems to be using any sort of factoid, even ones from many years ago and trying to use that as a basis for saying something about the opposite party now. After having analyzed the mis-truths though, you can clearly see that the distortions from the Obama campaign are very slight compared to McCain’s ridiculous assertions…

Let me summarize some stuff for you and I’ll just tell you who you should vote for. You don’t have to listen to me (and if you’re republican, I know you won’t), but just think about some of this stuff before you vote this year.

You should vote for Barack Obama if:

  • You are single and make less than $200,000 a year.

  • You have a family and make less than $250,000 a year.

  • You don’t own a major corporation.

  • You’re sick of seeing the wealthiest people get the largest tax breaks.

  • You would like a highly intelligent leader.

  • You want someone willing to talk to enemies and allies to work out solutions to our problems.

  • You want someone who supports the rights of the people.

  • You want the war in Iraq to end in an intelligent way.

  • You want someone who grew up poor and was still able to get educated and become the first black man to become the president of the Harvard Law Review, yet instead of taking a corporate job and making millions, he became a community organizer helping poor people in Chicago.

You should vote for John McCain if:

  • You make more than $200,000 a year as an individual.

  • You make more than $250,000 a year as a family.

  • You think giving the richest 5% of Americans more money is a good idea.

  • You liked the Bush administration policies.

  • You like the idea of a tax and spend Republican.

  • You hate individual freedoms and want them to be taken away.

  • You own a large multi-million dollar corporation or an oil company.

  • You want to see our reliance on oil and thus wars in oil countries grow.

  • You want to keep our troops in Iraq indefinitely.

  • You want someone who will refuse to talk to foreign enemies to try and find peaceful solutions unless they bend over backwards beforehand (which they won’t do) thus causing more wars and longer continued wars

  • You own a weapons development corporation.

  • You want to lose more personal freedoms.

  • You think putting the bible into our government is a great idea (if so, you’re probably a bible thumping idiot, but that’s another story)

  • You want someone who grew up a rich navy brat, graduated in the bottom 3 of his naval academy, crashed several planes out of arrogance, and lived several years of his life as a Prisoner of War in Vietnam. Came back angry, cheated on his wife and then divorced her for getting fat due to a car accident while he was a POW, and married a rich woman so he wouldn’t have to worry about money.

Anyways, go vote. If you’re rich… Well, you know who to vote for. If you’re one of the other 95% of the country, vote for Obama, or you’re just begging to be destroyed by a Republican candidate who could give two shits about you.

What, biased? Me? Consider my previous views on other topics. Were they biased or based on reasonable conclusions? If you’re totally against everything I’m saying here, maybe you have some thinking to do.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally Purchased a Wii

I think it’s rather sad that it’s taken me this long to get a Wii, given that I’ve been developing a game for the Wii for a year already. I even had Amazon text messaging me everytime the Wii was in stock. It didn’t seem to matter though for as soon as I logged into the site, they were gone. There was one time where the button to purchase the Wii from them appeared, and as soon as I clicked it I got a message saying they were out of stock.

I’ve heard stories of people walking into Target or Walmart and finding plenty of Wiis in stock, but whenever I would get there, they were gone. What’s worse, is that they often would be some sort of prepackaged deal where you had to buy 3 or 5 titles that you had NO interest in, AND pay a premium price on top of that. All I wanted was the Wii, $250.00 flat. Amazon also offered free shipping on it, so I simply waited until I could finally get one.

Today was that day. My Wii will get to my house in September… =P

At least I got it for 250 bucks with no shipping or tax charges. I can finally play the release version of Order Up!

Review to follow.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fat Princess Vs Feminists!

Just when you thought games were going to be safe from persecution for a while (see Resident Evil 5 and racism), along comes another game to start up a gender war. This one is slightly different though. For those not in the know, Fat Princess is a game where two sides war over a captured Princess. One side is attempting to bring her back home, while the other side fights off the others and brings the Princess cake to keep her fat enough that it will slow down the other team.

Yes, one of the objectives of the game is to feed a princess cake to make her so fat that the other team cannot move her easily.

It’s absolutely brilliant and I personally can’t wait to play it after the PS3 drops in price so I can finally have a blu-ray player and perhaps also play this game. Yet, a lot of people (particularly women) are not so enthusiastic about this particular game. It seems to be the idea that feeding a princess cake and making her fat, while simultaneously having her be the victim instead of an active participant in her own escape are offensive to those with a feminist mindset. Being something of a feminist myself, I can see where they’re coming from. However, anyone offended by this game is reacting on a personal bias and is not rationally thinking this through.

What? “But it’s a Fat Princess, and it depicts women as helpless creatures who will eat cake until they reach epic proportions without so much a struggle,” they’ll say. Error! The game does not depict women as a whole as such, it depicts a single woman, and whats more, it depicts a princess in that light; a member of the aristocracy. These are important distinctions to make because clearly the message of the game is not that women are fat lazy pigs. It’s one particular character within this setting within this world.

Saying that Fat Princess is degrading to women is like saying that the mother in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is degrading to all women. This is a single character, not a representation of ALL WOMEN. No one cares about you enough to put a representation of you in a game and build an entire game dynamic around your female fatness just to mock you, trust me on this. I hated someone enough to mock them in Warcraft III, and it took a LOT of anger for me to do that (luckily it was subtle enough to escape anyone’s immediate attention).

If you are truly offended by this Fat Princess, you need to lighten up, just like the people who think that Resident Evil 5 is about racism towards black people. Depicting a character, scene or setting in a game is not enough for me to consider it racism or gender bias. Were they to put a sign on the fat princess that said something like: “I represent all fat women, because fat women are funny and gross, and too helpless and obese to do anything effective in this situation” then sure, I’d jump right on board.

That is not the case though. In fact, it’s something of a period piece. It’s a medieval setting where there are no women in the army, and traditionally, princess’ were trained to be helpless creatures. As an added comedic effect, they also happen to be feeding her cake to keep her unusually rotund and to hinder the enemy from moving her out of the fortress they’re attempting to protect. This is a comedic interpretation of a medieval situation, not unlike a Monty Python skit, and I for one find it fucking hilarious!

If you don’t see the humor, then perhaps you’ve missed the point…

Geeze, how did I end up defending Sony?

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