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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Who Should Debate – America’s Presidential Election Farce

While I understand the desire to easily group this election into two categories, namely:

Those who fear Trump
Those who hate Clinton

There are legitimate reasons that neither candidate should be in any way shape or form, elected to any position of power in our government.

Trump because he’s a multi-business failure and abject racist who would enact bigoted policies and continue the corporate oligarchy to line his own pockets.

Clinton because she’s a multi-government office failure and abject racist who has endorsed bigoted policies and is a corrupt corporate crony politician who has already abused the system via the Clinton Foundation to line her own pockets with middle east and military industrial complex cash, while brokering arms deals to mercenaries for regime war change she herself endorses.

Meanwhile, Jill Stein, who has been smeared as anti-vax by the establishment when she has stated unequivocally she is pro-vaccine, and her true stance was her concern over Big Pharma being so closely tied to our health organizations in making decisions about medications (anyone want some Vioxx???). She continues to speak out and fight to make changes in our system despite the establishment shunning her at every turn. She spent 8 hours in handcuffs outside the debate when she and her supporters tried to enter just to get her views on the floor. Shouldn’t Clinton supporters who favored Bernie’s progressive values and students who want to break free from a lifetime of debt be able to hear that she would abolish student debt via quantitative easing, just like America did for the big banks? Why can we bail bankers out who screwed our country, but not students who are trying to become the next innovators for our country?

Gary Johnson too deserves to be able to debate. While his recent gaffes are headline news, the fact that he would attempt to abolish the IRS and decriminalize drugs can only be read if you investigate his platform or find a youtube video of him speaking. Shouldn’t Trump supporters who are uncomfortable with the racist policies of their current option be able to hear Johnson debate?

These are views we should all be eager to hear given that the two “mainstream” candidates are spouting off with personal attacks instead of talking about any hard issues that our country is actually suffering from.

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