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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Diablo 3
Ancient Design Document

After receiving feedback I did a second pass on my documentation for Diablo 3. Here is what I came up with. Again, consider it fan fiction because it very likely is just that at this point (even though I’m not a fan of the Diablo series). I warn you, this is long and covers the three acts of the game that there… Would have been. Who knows what Blizzard is doing with the Diablo series now. Possibly a MMORPG?

Diablo III : The Nephalem

Intro Cin:

The World Stone lies shattered with Tyrael cowering under its powerful blast. As the debris clears, Talis rises from the darkness beneath where the Worldstone once floated. He is a powerfully built human, but with dark hair and eyes that indicate a dark nature. His features are chiseled and stern, but not unkind.

            He turns to where Tyrael still lies.

            “I am awakened Angel, but I see that your hand was forced. Did you really believe that I would be so easily corrupted by the likes of them?”

            Images of Diablo and his brothers flash across the screen for a brief instant.

            “They are insects to me, as are you.”

            Tyrael rises to one knee. He looks as though he were in pain, but eventually rises nonetheless.

            “What will you do, Talis? Have you slept so long that you no longer know the difference between good and evil?”

            Talis turns angrily upon Tyrael, he holds a hand up and a light flashes that knocks Tyrael to the ground.

            “Those petty distinctions are what made us leave in the first place. It is not me that you need to worry about. It is the other Nephalem who will be angered by their awakening and will seek to destroy.”

An image of the world being destroyed fades across the screen. A building collapses on some nearby people. The image fades back to Talis’ stern face, looking angrily down upon Tyrael.

“We were content to be apart from the world, but you have fouled that plan. As for me, if you must know, I will live among the people of this world and determine for myself if they have any reasons left to live. You could learn from my example, Tyrael. Your constant meddling in their affairs leaves them with little ability to think for themselves.”

            Talis turns away triumphantly, with another wave of his hand a portal opens to a lovely blue sky and a town in the distance bustling with activity (the same town the player will first see in Act I). He steps towards it, and then pauses. Without turning he speaks to Tyrael again.

            “The only thing that can stop the Nephalem, is another Worldstone, which is beyond anyone’s ability to create, save my own. You may… pray (said distastefully), that I find the inhabitants of this world more intelligent than the bowing, whining sheep I knew from before, when I sought escape from you and your more violent cousins.”

            Talis steps through the portal as Tyrael leaps towards him. The portal closes and Tyrael falls through the nothing left behind. He clenches his fists in frustration, and then flies straight up into the darkness, back towards heaven.


Fade to black.


*Technology note: Since this is a fully 3D game, we will be able to (and should) do in-game cinematics to go with the long story dialogues we usually have in the Diablo series of games.


Background for the Order: The Order is what the Paladins, Amazons and other seekers of justice turned into once the prime evils had fallen. They are very structured and constantly creating new laws that they impose upon others. They are swift in dealing with law-breakers and swifter in meting out punishment. Many people believe in the Order, and hold it as the ideal that everyone should strive for.


The Renegades: The Renegades is what the Assassins, Druids, and Necromancers became when they refused to take part in the Order. There were no stipulations in the Order’s laws for those who could make the dead rise, or who killed for profit, so despite their participation in the destruction of Evil they are generally looked down upon by the Order. Due to this, and other disagreements, the Renegades tend to stay away from the Order and their highly structured cities. Choosing instead to live in the wilds, or amongst people who think similarly to them (often in caravans, or tent cities).


Act I: The camera pans down into the midst of a bustling city. Though the sky is dark, people rush about their daily business as the rain begins to pour. As we move through the streets we get the distinct feeling that not all is well in this town. Armed guards are stationed at every corner, and people seem in a hurry to get on with their business. Though perhaps it’s just the rain, we soon learn that it is not as the camera moves through a doorway and settles on a town hall meeting. The man we saw from the cinematic stands upon a stage as he listens to people in the audience (townsfolk) state their complaints.

Old Townsman: “… but we cannot afford to lose another caravan to these marauding demons. Our supplies are thin as it is, something must be done to clear them out and find out why they have returned.”

Talis: “They are from Azmodan, though Diablo and his brothers are dead, there is no end to the demon lords that will rise to take his place.”


The crowd seems a bit skeptical having only recently celebrated the fall of Baal, a cry is heard of “But their numbers dwindle” amongst other crowd ramblings. Talis takes another step towards the end of the stage.


Talis: “Have I ever led you astray? For 4 months I have lived here, defending you from demonic invaders, pushing forward with your caravans to make sure you wares could be sold at market. There is little that I have not done for this town, and I have done it without any help from the Order. It is true, the demon hordes come ever closer to breaching the city walls, but I have good news. It can all end, very soon.”


*We see images of Talis leading charges against horrific creatures and defending caravans while he speaks.


The crowd is murmuring with approval, but in the back we hear the question we all know is on everyone’s mind: “But how?” Talis clears his throat.


Talis: “Three of you will step forward onto this stage, swear allegiance to me, and fight the demons back into the depths of hell itself.”


The crowd is skeptical, and some laughing is heard from the back. Another question is put forth: “Who will do such a thing? Who could?”


Talis: “That, I leave for you to decide. Many strangers have been passing through the town, seeking safety from the demonic presence outside its walls. Perhaps they will feel the need to return something to this community of people. However, who will step forward, if anyone, is not for me to decide. It is your lives that depend upon the people who have the courage to step on this stage.”


There is a moment of hesitation and a quiet hush fills the room. Finally, someone steps forward. One of the characters the player did not choose steps onto the stage and stands next to Talis. Talis says something insightful about the character (depending upon which class it is). The crowd cheers, and then another person steps onto the stage. Another character that the player did not choose. Talis again says something of interest relating to that class. Finally, the player’s character steps onto the stage.


Talis: “So it is done. You three will come with me and show me the bravery of your people. Your will to survive and do what is right shall be an inspiration to all. Meet me here, tomorrow morning at sunrise. I know you have much to do in the meantime, be quick about gathering your belongings and talking to family, friends, guildmasters, teachers, whoever. But be here tomorrow morning, ready to move and fight.”


Talis steps down and disappears into a backroom. The camera moves to gameplay position and the interface fades in.


*Design note: Time can be an integral part of gameplay. A clock somewhere in the UI could inform the player what time it is. This can impact stuff like the strength of the undead, or whether or not a crypt is deserted. Perhaps the only time you can kill the vampire is by defeating him in his lair near dawn and exposing him to sunlight.


Gameplay: The player can talk with the citizens of the town. Talking to the other two recruits will reveal that the player should talk to their own guild trainer. The town itself is large and has buildings that you can enter and explore, talk to people, and even kill a few monsters or clear out infestations.

The player is free to roam about the town and there are even a few minor quests that interact with the townsfolk. There are some demons trying to sneak into various parts of the town leading to small encounters, but nothing too life threatening. Eventually they will speak with their guild trainer.


*Design note: Guild trainers can be an important aspect of single-player, they can be your in-game manual. They can provide you with special quests, cool upgrades, specific information about how skills interact and what certain skills do, and information on people, like who to trust and who to betray. Perhaps they can be used in multiplayer to display information like the top player killers currently in the game, or give basic information about the type of template you are playing (if we were to have capture the flag, or Storm the Castle type scenarios).


The Guild Trainer will provide you with information about Talis and the town. He will also inform you (depending upon your class) whether or not Talis is someone you can trust, or someone you need to watch your back around. He will also give you a little information about the other two characters you will be adventuring with and whether or not you can trust them (this depends upon whether or not they share your allegiance to the Order, or the Renegades).


Eventually the player will head back to the town hall meeting area. Talis tells the three characters that they will be marching out of the town shortly, and that they must hold back a particularly nasty demon from crossing the bridge across the river near the town. If he should get across, he will destroy the town and everyone inside it. He must not pass the bridge. It will be several hours still until he arrives at noon, but in the meantime, the characters should kill any lesser demons they find snooping around the town, for they are surely a precursor to the beast to come.


At this point the town gate opens and Talis strides out, the other two characters follow suit, and the player is free to move in and out of the town as he pleases, killing monsters etc. The player can choose to assist the other characters or Talis himself (who hacks through monsters with ease, and may heal the player if they are wounded). Talis also guards the bridge and will not let the player pass (“It will arrive soon enough, continue seeking the lesser demons until then”). We can also stage events where if the player gets near, something special will happen, like one of the characters is wounded and needs a healing potion. These are essentially mini-quests that can earn xp, or perhaps give positive faction with the character you’re helping.


When the clock strikes noon you hear a mighty shout from Talis.

“It is here! Hurry to my side!”

When the player arrives on the scene he sees a mighty and nasty looking creature (A Necromos Demon, massive creature made of dragon bones vaguely resembling a bi-pedal man with a dragon head and tail) slowly crossing the bridge. Talis steps back: “This is your first test, do well, or die.”


During the battle with the Necromos Demon, the 2ndary characters will fight (mostly ineffectually, being batted off the bridge by the Demon, or pushed to the ground, but never slain) while the player does most of the main damage. The two other characters will assist in their own ways. If the player dies they can run back to the bridge from the nearby town.


After defeating the beast, Talis will tell you that you’ve done well but that this is the first of many trials. By tomorrow you will leave the town behind and move onto the deep wilderness, so they should say their goodbyes soon.


The gameplay then becomes much more open-ended. Talis and his crew move through the dusty roads on their way to his mysterious goal. He drops clues about what they are going to accomplish, but is purposefully vague. They occasionally stop in towns where the player can sell items, buy new items, and follow small quest paths. The overall feeling should be of a sprawling world with many towns and encampments. We can reveal a lot of information and history about the world in this way.


*Gameplay Note: Talis seems to move at a set speed, however, if the player runs too far ahead (say into the next town or encampment where Talis might initiate a new quest), it looks to the player as though Talis has just arrived there behind him. If the player is lagging behind and taking his time, Talis patiently waits at the next story node. When the player arrives we can initiate mini-cinematics to inform the player about the quest (these should be escapable). Players who are impatient can rush all the way to the final town and initiate all the important quests, then turn around and complete the ones they wish to.


Some quest paths to follow:

         The player learns about angels who left heaven of their own accord but did not end up in hell. They gathered some of the fallen from hell, and formed their own group, called the Nephalem. No one has heard from them in thousands of years. It is said they sleep peacefully beneath the earth, waiting for a time when balance is disrupted.


         There is a band of people called The Renegades who have nomadic camps all over the world. Talis points them out to the player saying that they are branded renegades because they refuse to be a part of the Order.

“You will meet the Order and learn all about them at some point in your life. As I have learned recently, there is nothing that they do not seek to control. You will know what I mean soon enough, I’m sure.”

The player can do some quests to help The Renegades gather food and fight off beasts of the wilderness that harass them, establishing friendships here and there for later.


     Talis reveals that they are ultimately heading to Arreat Crater where they must first defeat Azmodan’s guardian in order to gain access to hell. The guardian is a three-headed serpent and Azmodan’s favorite pet.


          Eventually, Talis leads them all the way to Arreat Crater, where Tyrael awaits them.


In Game Cut-scene: Tyrael hovers above Arreat Crater, he flies closer to the ground as Talis and the others approach.


Tyrael: “I knew you would turn to the forces of evil as soon as you were freed from the World Stone.”


Talis: “I don’t know what you mean.”


Tyrael: “Do not attempt to lie to me, you know who you are. You had full grasp of your senses when you walked through that portal of your own creation. The humans beside you obviously have no idea what power you possess, but I will not let you keep up this charade.”


Talis (in anger): “You fool! Can you not believe for even a moment, that one can walk the line between good and evil? Are there no shades of grey for you, Tyrael?”


Tyrael: “The only shades of grey I know of, are those you pass on your way to darkness. This has been long in coming, Talis. For your betrayal of the Seraphim and the Order, I sentence you to death!”


Gameplay: Tyrael flies at Talis and knocks him off the screen. The ground rumbles and we hear a hissing voice emerge:

“Who disturbs my master’s lair?”
The three-headed serpent, Rasazel, emerges from Arreat Crater’s opening. The serpent wraps one of the two non-player characters up in its tail, and swallows the other whole. The player must fight Rasazel alone. Once the creature is defeated, his friends are released from the serpent’s grasp.

Swallowed NPC: “Looked bad? You should see it from the inside!”

One of them asks the question: “Are you ready to move on?” To which the player can answer yes or no. This allows them to pick up weapons and armor, etc. Once they answer “yes,” the npc responds: “But what of Talis?” Weapons are heard in the distance, the screen fades to black.


Cinematic: Talis grits his teeth as he calls forth a weapon from thin air. A massive crescent axe with a long haft materializes in his hands and he gives it an effortless twirl showing his amazing skill with the weapon.


The camera pans behind Talis and looks up at Tyrael. Tyrael brings forth a fiery blue sword in his right hand, and a shorter red blade in his left. He crosses them against his breast as his wings block out the rays of the sun just before diving at Talis.


Talis blocks the blow from the blue and red blade with a double parry using the haft of his long axe. As Tyrael streaks away, Talis holds up one of his hands. A beam of light fires forth and barely misses Tyrael’s shoulder.


Tyrael: “I was weakened from my efforts when we last fought, Lord of the Nephalem. You will not find me such easy prey this time.”


Talis: “The outcome of this battle is inevitable, Arch-angel. You know my skills far surpass yours. I will never succumb to the will of the Seraphim, nor the Demons. I shall fight for…”


Talis is cut-off as Tyrael streaks by again, his twin swords striking three times as Talis parries again. We now see Talis is a little taken aback by the power of Tyrael’s attack. Talis again fires a beam, only to see it blocked by Tyrael’s blade.


Tyrael: “For the Order!”


Tyrael comes flying in again, but Talis is ready this time. As Tyrael thrusts with his red sword, Talis strikes it with a powerful blow from his axe. He quickly follows through with a mighty kick that stops Tyrael cold. As the Arch-angel slams to the ground, the blade of the axe cuts through the top of his right wing. Blue blood pours from the severed wing’s artery as Tyrael cries out in pain.


Talis (coldly): “The Nephalem will not rejoin your Order, your laws and justice will be your undoing. Perhaps the world needs to be thrown to the winds of chaos so that you can understand that your destiny should not be to enslave man with an overabundance of rules and…”


As Talis speaks, he foolishly turns his back to Tyrael, believing that the angel will hear him out. A loud “shunk” is heard, and we see Tyrael’s red sword burst from Talis’ chest. Tyrael moves his head near Talis’ ear.


Tyrael (stern): “A warm blade, for a cold dead heart.”


Tyrael plunges the blue blade into his lower abdomen. The axe drops from his hand, but disappears with a flash of light before it can hit the ground. Red blood pours from his wounds, and we see it fall to the ground in rivulets. As Talis begins to go limp, he starts laughing, very meekly to himself.


Talis (sickly): “You will be the end of us all.”


With that, Talis’ body turns to sand and falls to the ground. Tyrael grabs at a pile of it, but it runs through his fingers and is gone. The angel slowly stands, blood still oozing from his wounded wing. He turns towards the darkness and there are three shadowed figures standing there, watching in awe.


Fade to black.


Act II:

In Game Cut-Scene: The camera moves into a stunningly white room that is reminiscent of Sanctuary. Within it are many men and women, most in dazzling arrays of gold and silver armor. At an elegant looking massive curved table sit three people in the most stunning armor ever seen. The player should instantly recognize them as the Paladin, the Amazon, and the Sorceress from Diablo II. They sit like judges, high above the crowd. Below their table stands Tyrael, his damaged wing looking slightly better. Behind him stand the player’s character and his two friends. There is a conversation already in progress.


Thanistar (the Paladin): “But if it is true that this… Talis was attempting to consort with Demons and lead an uprising, why did you not come to the Order sooner?”


Tyrael: “I believed that I could handle Talis alone. His freedom was due to my actions. According to the laws, it was my right to pursue him myself.”


Serena (the Sorceress): “According to 317-A, yes, you could pursue him yourself, but only after receiving permission from the Order.”


Azonia (the Amazon): “Even Arch-angels are not above the law.”


Thanistar: “And as for you three. Aiding and abetting a criminal is punishable by death.”


Tyrael: “They had no idea who they were dealing with. When I spoke to the townsfolk that Talis stayed with, they were all under some sort of spell. They believed he had done nothing but good for them.”

Serena: “I detected no spell upon them…”


Azonia: “But they did slay Azmodan’s pet, Rasazel…”


Thanistar: “This is true, and there is the matter of Arreat Crater. Demons pour out from within it now… Very well, you three are hereby ordered to investigate the crater. Be warned that we will likely be watching you at all times. If you should turn to the side of evil, your deaths will be merciless. This meeting of the Order is adjourned.”


Several people leave and the player gains control.


Gameplay: The two characters who were the player’s companions in Act I are now his followers. In the absence of Talis, the player character has become the strongest leader of the three. To introduce the concept of followers, the player is allowed to choose one of his two companions. The other one will go off to “investigate” what has happened and learn more about the laws of the Order.


Design: It might be cool to have an interface for choosing the skill path that the secondary characters will take as they progress. They can also have all the equipment slots of a regular character, allowing for a lot of customization. Perhaps we can even have behavior patterns that the player can choose (aggressive, defensive, hold position, etc).


Gameplay: The game is now very open ended and the player has a large overhead map showing the Act I areas on one side of the map, and his current location on the opposite side. Though the player can venture all the way back to their very first town (we can hide some cool story elements and easter eggs there), it is clear that their primary goal is going into Arreat Crater.


Story Elements:  Some threads that the player can choose to investigate or ignore.


-Within the Order’s town, the player can learn about the history of the Order. Who is in charge and how they faced Diablo in the final battle. Etc.


-Talking with Tyrael reveals that he is concerned about Talis’ death. He believes others who are like him will rise to take his place. He warns you against joining forces with them and urges you to destroy any demons you find in Arreat Crater. He also reveals that he has been cast out from heaven for destroying the World Stone. Fearing a life of chaos, he subjugated himself to the power of the Order.


-There is an undead invasion that Thanistar would like for you to put an end to. Skeletons, zombies, ghouls, and other nefarious undead are striking close to the Order’s home. The player trails them back to a nearby tomb where a vampire-like boss babbles about Azmodan rising to power and destroying heaven itself.


-In the wilderness there is said to be a man who brings dead animals back to life and keeps them as pets. After defeating his cave filled with skeletal beasts, the player finds the man is old and senile, and mumbles about being one of the Nephalem. He vaguely knows Talis, but seems to fear him more than anything. He rewards with a wand that he says has caused him nothing but trouble. Everytime he uses it, one of Talis’ spies pops up from the ground to follow him wherever he goes. The wand allows you to raise dead enemies as pets.


-There are side quests for each of the secondary characters that are now attached to the player. They give some background about the class of the character and lead the player to small guilds or towns (or whatever is appropriate for the class) where you can buy cool weapons and upgrades for that class.


-There is a story told in the town of the Order about an angel who could not decide between heaven and hell. He argued with himself and tore at his own body and grew to hate his own indecision. He was cast from heaven into the pits of hell, but could not find acceptance there and was cast out again. Though he killed many people in frustration and anger in the world, he finally relented his own self-hatred and went to sleep with others of his kind where he could no longer harm people, or himself.


-The Renegades live nearby in the wilderness here as well. The player can get some quests from them and learn about their history against the Order and some interesting tidbits about what happened after Diablo had fallen, that the people in the town of the Order left out.


-Many stories about heaven and the society of angels that live there are told in the city of the Order. The people of this city are obsessed with angelic creatures and their way of life. Tyrael is feared as a suspected fallen angel, for the only angels the people know of who were cast out from heaven, are the demons of hell.


Main Story: The player eventually makes their way into Arreat Crater where they find hordes of demons in a frenzy. Though a difficult battle, they eventually make their way to the bottom areas of hell, where they find Azmodan sitting upon a throne made of Diablo’s bones.


In Game Cut-Scene: Azmodan looks like a normal man, but massive, and wears snake-like armor. Azmodan rises from his horrific throne and points at the player character and his two friends. Serpents rip from the ground and bind the three characters in place. Azmodan sounds highly intelligent, if not smug.


Azmodan: “Is this the best the Order has to offer? I wonder, what is it that made them send you instead of coming down here themselves?”


From the shadows, Talis steps forward. There are gasps from the player’s character and his side-kicks.


One of the characters: “Talis?!”


Talis: “Because they have more to hide than any man, or even demon.”


Azmodan: “This is true, I know every sin that is committed, and their list of hellacious acts could fill their precious heaven to every corner. Though soon, there will be little left of heaven in which to put it. Talis, open the portal!”


A massive portal opens, through which we can see shining beams of light and a city in the clouds. From the sides of the room hordes of demons in every shape and size begin to rush into the portal. They are seemingly endless.

Azmodan: “My greatest creations are not meant for mortal eyes. I leave the fate of these fools in your hands, Talis.”


A massive wall rises that blocks off the portal, Azmodan, and the lines of demonic creatures from the players view. At the same time, the serpents holding the characters crumble and they are set free.


Character (accusingly): “Why, Talis? What will this accomplish?”


Talis: “You would not understand my final goal. Nor could you appreciate it until you understood what I am. If you should survive, learn about the Nephalem. You must know your enemy to defeat it.”


Character: “But, who are you?”


Talis: “I am the Nephalem Lord, but I can no more control them than I can you. I merely made them sleep, but ironically they even grow tired of that. I could make them sleep once again, but that makes them the pawns of this war. One side seeks to corrupt them, the other to make them pay for imaginary crimes against the heavens. I would rather they choose their own fate… Just as you can choose yours.”


The walls begin sliding back down with a loud rumbling (The screen shakes). The portal, Azmodan, and the horde of demons are gone, but in their place is a massive horrific monster. It looks like a red skinned demon, but has Tyrael style angel wings on one side (glowing white) and a massive leathery dragon wing on the other. Its form is twisted and gnarled, but deadly.


Talis: “Choose life, my friends.”


Talis turns to sand and disappears while the monster attacks with searing beams of holy light and the rising flames of hellfire. When defeated he splits in to two forms, an angel and a demon. The demon drops a red tome before burrowing through the ground into the deep earth, the angel drops a white tome before flying straight up into the sky.


Clicking the Red Tome:

            The screen goes dark, words flash across the screen (Terror, Destruction, Sin, Chaos, Blood, Fear, Death). Flames lick across the screen. We hear a guttural voice speak the following:

“We wish the destruction of heaven, the humans are tools towards our ultimate goal; the razing of that which we were cast out from. The annihilation of heaven and all of its angels.”


Clicking the White Tome:

            The screen brightens, words flash across the screen (Law, Creation, Justice, Power, Order, Courage, Life). Rays from the sun slowly sparkle across the screen. We hear an enlightened voice speak the following:

“Those who oppose our will must be destroyed. The humans may serve our will on earth, and be our allies against hell’s demons. Ultimately, the demons must be slain and any who take part in their vile dealings shall share their fate.”


Upon reading the two tomes, they shimmer and light bursts from them. A portal appears between them as they vanish. Upon entering, the screen fades to black.


Cinematic: We see a dark tunnel beginning and are moving through it very rapidly. Streams of white begin to appear, and we slow in ascent as we see brilliant white clouds in the distance. As we get closer, we see that all is not well. Fires burn brightly upon some of the clouds and tendrils of smoke are seen in the distance. As we finally exit the portal, we see that demons and angels are fighting fiercely nearby. A horned demon smashes an angel with a massive cudgel, only to be suddenly pierced on each side by long silvered spears from several other angels.

            Nearby a demonic looking creature is chanting in an unknown language, it then points at the cluster of angels nearby. A ball of fire erupts from his fingertip and explodes upon the angels, 3 leap out of the way and take to the sky, but the fourth is burned alive.

            Other scenes of horrific combat take place as the screen goes dark.




Gameplay: The player joins the fray and fights demons that are in mortal combat with the angels. The fighting leads the player to the nearby cloud city of Arinaelle. They kill some creatures here and learn about Azmodan’s unholy creations. Apparently these new creatures have been able to push this war quite easily to the three gates of heaven. Heaven sprawls across many miles of clouds and there are several angelic cities in which the player can rest and learn about the events happening around him/her. Much of the story and plot can be revealed through angels that the player saves from death.

Each of Azmodan’s creations were born to slay the Keeper Angels (they maintain the secrets of heaven’s doctrine, and if Diablo and his brothers are the prime evils, these would be the prime saints). Each gate’s guardian gets slain just as the player arrives, the player must then defeat Azmodan’s creations, each one is a different element and can be defeated more easily by its opposite. One is of shadow, and can be fought with weapons and powers of light. Another is flame, and must be fought with weapons and powers of frost. The third is pure evil, and must be fought with the weapons and powers of good. As each beast dies it drops a key of the Three Gates. These keys can be combined to open the door to the Crown of Heaven.

Ultimately, the player finds Azmodan, who is at the Crown of Heaven, awaiting his creations’ return with the information he needs to unlock the crown itself. If evil wears the crown, heaven will be undone (or so the legends go). An epic battle is fought between the player and Azmodan. Angels fly in to assist, but are pushed back by demons summoned from nearby portals. The battle is ultimately swayed by the player’s attacks and the task of killing Azmodan himself is completely up to the player. Finally, Azmodan is destroyed and the portals fail with his demise. As the ash settles, another portal opens and Talis steps through while it closes behind him. Clicking on him poses the question: “Are you finished here, have you accomplished all that you wished?” To which the player can respond yes or no.


In Game Cinematic:

            Tyrael flies in to confront Talis.

Tyrael: “You fiend, you allowed this to happen. You brought Azmodan to the pinnacle of his power and unleashed him on heaven. How dare you step foot here when we cast you out so long ago.”


Talis: “I was not cast out, I left of my own accord, and as to helping Azmodan… My agreement was that I would not hinder his path, and I did not. I did know that our young friends here would step forward and fight for that which they believed, and it is to them you owe your gratitude for saving your… kingdom.”


Tyrael: “What is the meaning of this? Whose side do you choose? You raise heroes to fight demons you will not fight yourself though you have the power. What silent idiocy is this that you can step aside and let the whim of mortals decide our fate?”


Talis: “It is no whim, it is their right to choose, and in the absence of the Keeper’s of the Three Gates, and the Prime Evils, the choices they now make are more important than any they have ever made before. For as we speak, a war rages below.”


Fade to black.



            The voice of Talis flows over the following scenes.

We see members of the Order in flowing white robes (paladins and sorcerers) stalking through the wilderness where some of the Renegades make their home. They see an encampment and spring upon it, only to find that no one is in it. Suddenly, druids and barbarians attack them from all sides.


Talis: “The right to choose has been absent from this world for many centuries. Though the powers of good and evil vie for supremacy, always, man is caught between them. They are forced to sway and bend to the awe-inspiring powers that lie in the clouds above, and in the fires below.”


We see assassins sneaking into the Order’s towers, slaying sleeping Paladins and other guardians. A sorcerer wakes up and unleashes a mighty bolt of frost that pierces two of the would-be killers.


Talis: “Man fought against the evils of Diablo and his brothers, and slew them all. Yet, when the fire and ash finally settles, a new order formed over them, filled with ideals that were not in the hearts and minds of every individual who fought for freedom. Beset on all sides by the tyranny of angels who believed they knew what was best for mankind, some chose not to be part of this Order.”


Skeletons and golems of blood pour over a misty hillside and down a valley, in the distance we see a city that can only be of the Order. The tall white towers glisten in the moonlight, and we can see knights in the distance already preparing for a long war. A necromancer in full armor points down at the city and the undead break into a run.


Talis: “Now, without fear of reprisal from angels, without demons to corrupt and destroy them, the people of this world shall fight for themselves. They will take up sword and wield arcane spells for what they believe in. This war is only the beginning, but you and I will no longer dominate over it. Let man claim the Crown of Heaven, or bury his heart in the depths of hell’s corruption. I have crippled our power over them and they are no longer victims of our will.”


We see Talis’ face for a brief moment, a wicked smile upon it as the screen goes dark.


The battle continues… on

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  1. oh come on, do you really want me to believe you are not a fan of the diablo series?

    (just-another-geek-trying-to-break-down-a-movie/game-in-order-for-him-to-be/sound-much-better-than-said-game/movie-or-let -us-know-in-his-hands-it-would-have-been-so-much-better-trying-to-get-street-cred-by-pretending-you-ALSO-didn’t-like-said-game/movie

    Comment by johhny — March 7, 2008 @ 12:18 pm

  2. Honestly, I don’t care what you believe.

    Comment by CommanderHate — March 7, 2008 @ 12:33 pm

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