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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

“My Boss is an Idiot!”
The Prevalence of Morons in the Game Industry

It seems that almost anywhere you go in the game industry, there’s that one moron who has no business being there. They gum up the works, their abilities are way below sub-par and yet no one seems to have the sense to fire them. Someone somewhere must have thought this person had the chops to do game development, but whoever thought that was wrong. Maybe a friend got them in, maybe their dad is one of the owners. You have no idea what series of sick stupid events caused it, but there they are. So you go about your work and avoid them as much as possible, when suddenly you find that they’ve been promoted… Above you… And your annual review will now be under them.

It’s not as though their incompetence is a mystery. It simply is… and everyone (including their former boss) acknowledges it, while simultaneously bringing up other “qualities” like loyalty and stick-with-it-ness and… loyalty… Basically that fucker was never going to be able to find a job anywhere else so they promoted him simply because he was a permanent fixture, and despite his incompetence, your former boss knows he can micromanage the crap out of him so it’s as if they can maintain power over their previous position while simultaneously moving forward and managing a larger portion of the company. Damn Powersnakes

Yet now you have an incompetent boss who interprets ideas poorly, and then goes to your former boss to poorly present these bad interpretations of your idea, who will then give feedback on these extremely poorly presented and interpreted ideas, which said feedback will then be poorly interpreted and poorly presented to you. Thus the company steadily degrades into a morass of shit flinging: the top guys blame the “monkeys” at the bottom who point directly at the idiots who were put in charge of them while those monosyllabic spewing morons wring their hands wondering how they’re going to keep their job when everything is going to shit. Well as it turns out a shittily run company can’t keep making games forever, and that’s when the real lunacy begins.

These festering fucktards who caused the company to crumble in the first place are now let loose on the job market with their years of “Lead” experience prominently displayed on their resumes. Anyone who doesn’t have the inside info on them (and most won’t) are going to think these people know what they’re doing. After all, they’ve been leading game projects for many years. Never successfully, but they’re not going to put that part on the resume. Thus, the moron who was your boss at the last job will now be boss over another group of likely talented individuals who are in for a hellish experience that may very well drive them out of the game industry. What’s worse, even if this person proves beyond a reasonable doubt that they are the greatest fucktard to ever live and breathe thus earning them a pink slip, they now have TWO companies on their resume showing extensive “Lead” experience and are on the fast track to becoming a director at their next game company.

After years of “experience” (mis) directing entire companys into the shitter, they then “retire.” Well, in actuality they’ve burned every bridge in the industry by that point, so they’ve nowhere left to go until a group of publishers who’ve never heard of what a colossal idiot that person is decides they want to fund a new project and see the myriad of “Lead” and “Director” titles on that person’s work background. They give that moron millions of dollars and they fund a Retard Rodeo that ends in disaster, blame everyone under them for its failure and then re-retire with another stockpile of cash. Hopefully forever…

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  1. Aha, the Peter Principle!

    “In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.”

    “The Peter Principle is a special case of a ubiquitous observation: anything that works will be used in progressively more challenging applications until it fails.”

    Comment by Technohazard — March 13, 2008 @ 4:51 pm

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