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Monday, July 7, 2008

Opening Up To The Public
I’m Tired of Coming Up With All The Topics

So, I felt it. I’m pretty sure anyone who reads here regularly felt it, but I’m starting to slow down on the topics. One of the most difficult tasks for a writer starting from almost nothing is finding a topic you’re passionate about and starting to write. Thus, I’ve come up with a better way for me to regularly get on-point and interesting articles about the game industry written for all of you.

I’m opening up Gamer Hate to reader questions. If you have a question about game development, games, or specific industry related stuff (like how to get a job, what’s Chris Metzen like in person, or how long did Warcraft III really take to make and how many iterations did it go through), send that question to

I can’t promise I’ll answer every question, but I will do a minimum of one a week. This is going to be a lot easier for me as I find it much easier to answer a question in depth than to write a topic from scratch. I may or may not post information about the question asker, but if you ask to remain anonymous, I will respect your wishes.

So, there you go, a 10 year game industry veteran has opened the doors to any and all questions about the game industry and its related fields (as well as any topics of knowledge specific to my experiences). I will likely still have my own topical posts, but hopefully this will allow me to post a lot more frequently without feeling frustrated that the topic I’ve chosen is a little… uhh… lackluster. Like this one for instance. 😉

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  1. Alright Cmdr. Hate… Here’s a topic for you. 😀

    What, if anything, can kill WOW? Let’s limit this to MMO’s.

    What lessons have we learned from WOW that every MMO should follow?
    What works in WOW that only works because it’s part of their massive system, and wouldn’t work outside of it (in a smaller MMO, for example?)
    What would it take to draw +7million people away from WOW and into at least one other MMO?
    Would an integrated micropayment or in-game realworld currency exchange help or hurt? Would it be a deciding factor?

    Comment by Technohazard — July 7, 2008 @ 12:57 pm

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