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Friday, January 25, 2008

The Value of Life

I get asked about twice a year why I don’t believe in God (i.e. an atheist). Most people find it curious to begin with because I seem (when not hating on something) like a genuinely kind person. In addition, I’m a reverend of the Universal Life Church, but they have only one “commandment” and that is: “To do that which is right.” It’s all sort of good in a generic sense. Of course, good is a term defined by mankind…

The problem I have with a God is that it makes human life in general inconsequential. Who cares what we do day to day? There’s a creature out there that can wipe us all out in the blink of an eye and then recreate us as talking finger puppets if it chooses. The same can be said for people who believe in aliens or that a comet might hit the earth (again) and wipe us all out. You tend to become a bit of a doom sayer when you think that way. But not all religious types think that way.

Some religious types actually seem to care about other people. They treat everyone with respect and they help out others who are in need. They are deeply religious and believe in Christ (or Muhammed, or whoever) as their savior and they tend to do good things for the world. The problem there is that they’re not being kind or doing nice things because they believe it’s the right thing to do. They do it because they believe it’s the only way to get into heaven. It all rings rather false at the end of the day if the only reason you gave a bum a hot meal is because you didn’t want to roast in the eternal fires of hell while satan fucked your skull.

You see, one of the HUGE problem with religion is that it absolves us of our ability to choose for ourselves. Yes, in the bible it says you have “free will,” but given the choice between being burned alive for all of eternity and living in the rapturous light of a benevolent God, which one would you pick? It forces your hand towards doing the “right” thing (and includes some bullshit like converting others), which generally means that people aren’t doing things because they feel its right, but because they fear hell. Is that a good way to raise your children? Using fear instead of instilling proper values? Telling them to do the right thing because satan will consume their soul and rape their ass in hell if they don’t?

I personally believe in humanity. The only thing that can make each of our lives better, is caring and understanding for one another. That’s the entire purpose of a marriage, is it not? Yet, the bible perverts even that as the purpose of marriage in the bible is to spawn children and teach them about your religion. Seems pretty sad to me. I won’t even go into the various religions demeaning of women (thou shalt not suffer a woman to speak in church, etc), but the biggest problem I have with religion is how it devalues all life.

You see, if there is an afterlife, that means that what we do now in life is much less relevant. Who cares about someone dying of hunger if you believe that when they finally do die, they’ll go to another place where things will be better (or much worse)? Abstaining from helping others isn’t necessarily a sin. That’s why those missionaries are so irritating. They say they’re going to “help” people in other countries but what they’re really doing is converting them to their religion. I won’t go into how these same missionaries will also give or deny food based on the destitute  people’s willingness to accept Christ as their savior, but I think you get the idea (and yes, not all of them are this way, but they only have a certain amount of supplies and the vast majority of their supplies are bibles, not food).

So what should people believe? It’s really simple. When you die, there is nothing. The only thing that matters in this world is how you treat other people because THAT is the legacy that you will leave behind. If you were kind, if you inspired others to do good, if you helped everyone around you, those are the things that will inspire others to do the same.

At the end of the day, if you remove all the “son of God” garbage and miracles bullshit, isn’t that the real idea behind the mythology of Christ?

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  1. Wow! Get out of my head! I’ve been thinking the exact same thing for the past few couple of years. It’s glad to see someone who has the same logic about religion as I do. It’s because of this point of view that I value life more than I would ever have thought possible if I had not. Once you’re dead. You’re dead. Period. It makes life so much more precious

    Comment by Nomy — November 1, 2009 @ 9:04 pm

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