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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fat Princess Vs Feminists!

Just when you thought games were going to be safe from persecution for a while (see Resident Evil 5 and racism), along comes another game to start up a gender war. This one is slightly different though. For those not in the know, Fat Princess is a game where two sides war over a captured Princess. One side is attempting to bring her back home, while the other side fights off the others and brings the Princess cake to keep her fat enough that it will slow down the other team.

Yes, one of the objectives of the game is to feed a princess cake to make her so fat that the other team cannot move her easily.

It’s absolutely brilliant and I personally can’t wait to play it after the PS3 drops in price so I can finally have a blu-ray player and perhaps also play this game. Yet, a lot of people (particularly women) are not so enthusiastic about this particular game. It seems to be the idea that feeding a princess cake and making her fat, while simultaneously having her be the victim instead of an active participant in her own escape are offensive to those with a feminist mindset. Being something of a feminist myself, I can see where they’re coming from. However, anyone offended by this game is reacting on a personal bias and is not rationally thinking this through.

What? “But it’s a Fat Princess, and it depicts women as helpless creatures who will eat cake until they reach epic proportions without so much a struggle,” they’ll say. Error! The game does not depict women as a whole as such, it depicts a single woman, and whats more, it depicts a princess in that light; a member of the aristocracy. These are important distinctions to make because clearly the message of the game is not that women are fat lazy pigs. It’s one particular character within this setting within this world.

Saying that Fat Princess is degrading to women is like saying that the mother in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is degrading to all women. This is a single character, not a representation of ALL WOMEN. No one cares about you enough to put a representation of you in a game and build an entire game dynamic around your female fatness just to mock you, trust me on this. I hated someone enough to mock them in Warcraft III, and it took a LOT of anger for me to do that (luckily it was subtle enough to escape anyone’s immediate attention).

If you are truly offended by this Fat Princess, you need to lighten up, just like the people who think that Resident Evil 5 is about racism towards black people. Depicting a character, scene or setting in a game is not enough for me to consider it racism or gender bias. Were they to put a sign on the fat princess that said something like: “I represent all fat women, because fat women are funny and gross, and too helpless and obese to do anything effective in this situation” then sure, I’d jump right on board.

That is not the case though. In fact, it’s something of a period piece. It’s a medieval setting where there are no women in the army, and traditionally, princess’ were trained to be helpless creatures. As an added comedic effect, they also happen to be feeding her cake to keep her unusually rotund and to hinder the enemy from moving her out of the fortress they’re attempting to protect. This is a comedic interpretation of a medieval situation, not unlike a Monty Python skit, and I for one find it fucking hilarious!

If you don’t see the humor, then perhaps you’ve missed the point…

Geeze, how did I end up defending Sony?

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  1. The game looks great, I can’t wait to try it out.

    It’s not like people have sudden distrust towards bald people because Lex Luthor was a crazy criminal mastermind. Or start shaving their heads because they thought he was charming… I don’t know.. People are crazy these days..

    Comment by Kohyunu — July 29, 2008 @ 7:34 pm

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