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Monday, January 28, 2008

You’re Fired! Losing your job in the game industry…
Part 1

I’ve had the honor of being fired on two occasions in the game industry. The first time was after five years of “meritorious” service. I was called to come down to the main conference room, but no meeting had been scheduled. I should also point out that my boss thoroughly despised me and had consistently smeared my name and work ethic across the entirety of the company for the past 2 years (I guess he didn’t like being beaten at Starcraft, on which occasion he ran over to our office, slammed his hand against the wall and cried out like a beleaguered child that I had zealot rushed him when he didn’t even know the map. QQ, neither did I). So as soon as I picked up the phone and was asked to come down to the conference room, I knew I was being fired. I even announced it to everyone in the office I shared. “I am being fired.”

Sadly, I only took one of the appropriate actions. I delayed the inevitable by telling them that I just had to finish one thing or hours of work would be lost and it would be about 5 minutes. That, was smart. Sadly, it was the only smart thing I did.

What I then should have done was plug in my flash drive and open the carefully prepared goodbye letter that I keep on it, stating why I must leave at this critical point in my career, how much I appreciated working with everyone, and how I felt that despite the gaffs and foolishness of the people rising in power, that those people under them would continue to make the difference between shipping the epic titles we do and the crap that would likely come in their absence. You know, a “power to the people” sort of speech. That always gets under the skin of the higher-ups. I then should have sent it to the entirety of the company as I downloaded all my critical files onto the drive before shutting it down.

I then should have reached for my backpack and put the two personal affects that I keep at work in it, walked down to the conference room, demanded my final paycheck, refused to sign anything and left without another word.

That’s what I wish I had done. Sadly it was my first industry job and I was not prepared for such a thing. Even though I had known it was coming for almost a year (what can you do when your boss hates your guts). Instead I mumbled I’m being fired all the way down to the conference room where I found that I was in fact being fired. I demanded to know why and after several attempts at bullshitting (all of which I called them on) I gave up. I took my final check and a hefty severance package (someone felt guilty about it), and stupidly signed a non-compete (which is non-binding in CA and they cannot withhold your final check to make you sign it btw). I was then led to my office where I began packing LOADS of toys, lego Star Wars, and other geek crap that I should never have brought in to begin with. I wept as I did this. Pathetic…

After a few trips to the car with some help from my friends, I took the last two items, my swords and carried them calmly to my car. It was kind of cathartic. I said my goodbyes to the people who cared enough to see me go and thus ended my days at my first game company.

Many lessons were learned, but did I follow them the next time this happend?

I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

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  1. I’m interested in who this company is.

    Comment by Aaron — March 6, 2008 @ 1:27 pm

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