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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally Purchased a Wii

I think it’s rather sad that it’s taken me this long to get a Wii, given that I’ve been developing a game for the Wii for a year already. I even had Amazon text messaging me everytime the Wii was in stock. It didn’t seem to matter though for as soon as I logged into the site, they were gone. There was one time where the button to purchase the Wii from them appeared, and as soon as I clicked it I got a message saying they were out of stock.

I’ve heard stories of people walking into Target or Walmart and finding plenty of Wiis in stock, but whenever I would get there, they were gone. What’s worse, is that they often would be some sort of prepackaged deal where you had to buy 3 or 5 titles that you had NO interest in, AND pay a premium price on top of that. All I wanted was the Wii, $250.00 flat. Amazon also offered free shipping on it, so I simply waited until I could finally get one.

Today was that day. My Wii will get to my house in September… =P

At least I got it for 250 bucks with no shipping or tax charges. I can finally play the release version of Order Up!

Review to follow.

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